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Advanced Graphics Design and Engineering is a product development and design firm which helps its clients go from brilliant idea to a patent worthy product using cutting-edge computer technology for product and invention development.

AGDE assists its clients with the realization of artistic and clever product development. Using the best computer technology for imaging and design engineering, AGDE will materialize your ideas and guide you towards a patent worthy product. We focus on product design and development, creating realistic visual models with an eye towards successful production and the patenting of your ideas.

As a product development firm, you can expect AGDE to work with you on creating 3D models of product prototypes allowing you to test, and tweak before submitting a model for production. Working with the 3D computer models will help you keep costs low while shortening the overall development time.

With these models, product tooling is cut drastically. Product tooling would be needed only after testing a product's functionality and visual aesthetics are completed virtually. All fine tuning and testing will be done using the 3D models saving time and money through skipping the production of many test samples and leaving you with a perfect production-ready prototype model.

Once your product has been perfected and is ready for production, AGDE will guide and advise you through the patent process. We have extensive experience in Patent Ability Copyright & Trademark Searches which helps you keep your intellectual property and rights through Design Patents, Utility Patents and Methods & Provisional Patents. Helping with copyrights and trademarks for your products gives you a much easier path through any possible litigation against anyone who may infringe on your products' designs. Creating prototypes & productions samples of your product uniquely is critical to a product’s evolution.

Working closely with you and your patent search agents or lawyers, or our own team of researchers and processors, we make sure that production designs are "novel and unique” for the Patent and Trademark Office. To increase your earnings, we help put uniqueness into your products for manufacturing.

AGDE tries to make functional products, which are also aesthetically pleasing. We take and realize your ideas and concepts to make exceptionally marketable finished products. Designing for Form & Function.

We provide assistance with Patents and Trademarks with Patent Ability, Copyright and Trademark Searches, Design Patents, Methods and Utility Patents. We also help to produce unique looks and functions for concepts aesthetics and of course acquiring the needed Trademarks and Copyrights.

Advance Graphics Design and Engineering engineers for Pro-Se applicants. Companies, corporations and individuals which have conceptual thoughts, as well as ideas which while protecting intellectual property want to proceed to the next level should seek out AGDE for assistance in every developmental phase. We engineer production tooling, in small and large quantities, to be cost-effective, increasing your profit margin and bottom line.

AGDE develops computerized models and renderings which are both functional and logical. Actual photographs and animations of the computer models reflect the product's components, sub-components, functionality and actual movements. They can be utilized in the advertisements stages if required

All this is made possible by Advanced Graphics Design and Engineering. A Product Design Firm which works with its clients to streamline the testing of new concepts and ideas through 3D computer models, saving both time and money to increase your bottom line in the initial product’s developmental stage.

Advanced Graphics and Design Engineering (AGDE) is a product design company that assists clients in materializing brilliant and innovative ideas. Our core business is cutting-edge computer modeling and design engineering technology for product development and invention development. Our brand of product design service revolves around constructing realistic visual models and bringing into existence remarkable products worthy of patents.

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