Are E Cigarettes Safe or Dangerous?

People who smoke are aware of the dangers that are associated with smoking. Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is more dangerous as it not only affects the smokers, but it also affects those around the smoker because the second hand smoke emitted is dangerous. It causes lung cancer, heart diseases and many other diseases. E cigarette on the other hand is safe as there are no chemicals that are involved in it. All a smoker gets to inhale is nicotine and flavors and what is emitted is water vapor which looks like smoke but cannot affect anyone making it safer that the tobacco cigarettes.

E cigarettes have attracted millions of smokers around the world who are smoking them instead of the traditional cigarettes and the number is growing due to its efficiency. Smokers who are using it are experiencing a lot of changes not only to their health, but in their pockets as well as they are cheaper when compared with tobacco cigarettes. The smokers are also able to enjoy the act of smoking without having to light up a cigarette as they are battery operated. For the smokers who would like to enjoy the act of smoking without having to inhale nicotine, this is the thing for you as there are pouches which are nicotine free and one can have them to refill the cartridge of the cigarette and get to enjoy the feeling associated with smoking.

The unique design of e cigarettes allows the smokers to choose the level of nicotine they will take at a particular time as the cartridges used vary in sizes and the pouches have different levels of nicotine and there are even those that are free from nicotine. This really helps a smoker who wants to stop smoking or even to cut down on smoking as he can be reducing be monitoring his nicotine intake. Considering that they look like real cigarette but do not contain the harmful chemicals like the ones in tobacco cigarette gives the smoker the courage to smoke them even in public places as no one will be affected.

The ingredients that are found in e cigarettes are nicotine, propylene glycol and water vapor which are harmless and if you compare them with those found on traditional tobacco cigarettes, you will be able to answer the question of whether they are safe or dangerous. Considering that our environment is becoming polluted every minute, the e cigarettes are safe because they do not pollute the environment by either the smoke as what is emitted from them is water vapor and although it may look like smoke, it is harmless and odorless.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated which means that while using them, there will be no risk of fire as there are no matches or lighters involved which makes it to be safer than tobacco cigarettes. While you get to know this and many more about e cigarette, you will get to understand why it is called the safe way of smoking.

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