Common Side Effects of Prescription Drugs

It's a fact it, and that is with relatively few exceptions, pretty much all drugs have some type of side effects. So if you are currently undergoing any type of drug therapy or planning on it in the near future you can expect there will be things going on inside or outside your body other than the intended results. Fortunately though, today as a result of stringent testing and approval procedures very few drug side effects are life-threatening.

Instead what you can expect to experience, is what can best be described is "annoying things" that could range from mild to relatively severe. Also in some rare instances, some drugs can have psychological side effects. For the most part though what you can expect in most instances, is for instance sleeping disorders that can go in either direction. That is an inability to sleep, or excessive sleepiness, and in both instances it can usually be alleviated by timing when you take your medication.

Now another quite common side effect that you may encounter, is constipation and in some instances diarrhea that can range between mild to severe. Now there are over-the-counter treatments for both of these problems but discuss them with your doctor before you begin taking them. Also simple changes in your diet can also help. Changes like cutting down on meat consumption, and adding fiber to your diet for instance.

Also another very common side effect with drugs like narcotic pain medications, is the feeling of being woozy and slightly intoxicated. Clumsiness, balance issues, and slurred speech. What you need to do, is check your warning label, and if it lists these be aware of them, and take them seriously. For instance you for sure may want to avoid driving while taking this type of medication or operating any type of machinery, including home appliances like sewing machines and even knives in the kitchen.

Excessive sweating may be something else that you'll encounter, along with perhaps dry mouth. Now if this is the case, another unpleasant side effect of these, at least for the people you share company with will be body odor. So make a point of drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and also perhaps chewing mint gum comes out with the bad breath from dry mouth. Also if you're sweating excessively, stay inside and avoid heavy physical exertion.

Psychological side effects of drugs are all too often the least talked about and the most difficult to deal with. The problem here is that while everyone around you will be aware that something is wrong, you can be in complete denial that you're having problems with things like mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Talk your doctor about them because he or she is most likely experienced with what you're going through, and will be able to recommend things that you can do to counter them.

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