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Serves up to 1,000 employees but possibly more depending on logistics of facility and frequency of shredding. The blades won't shred credit cards or CDs. If you need to do that, you will need a multimedia shredder such as the Dahle 30406. Cross cutting cylinders tear everything into small pieces measuring only 1/16" x 1-7/9" in size. Offering Security Level 2 strip cut shredding, the 20606 EC is a great choice for destroying high volumes of general office documents.

Industrial: Industrial High Capacity shredders can handle a high number of documents. You also won't need to empty the wastebasket all the time because it produces small cross cut particles and has a generous 8.8-gallon capacity. If you have found yourself in the market, you may have discovered that shopping for a document shredder for your business or home office can be a bit daunting. It's a strip-cut model so you can use it to destroy envelopes, correspondence, old invoices, and so on. The Formax FD 8400CC offers you and your business a hard working, easy to maintain shredder with Level 3 Security.

This allows the bulk of shredding to be done by one, lower cost employee (lower as compared to your expensive office workers, administrators and even managers) and therefore reduce the overall cost of shredding. Most businesses used to stack up papers until the end of the week so that they could get them shredded but now they have discovered it is easier to shred documents as soon as they are done with them. While it's a bit large, it does have casters so you can move it around when necessary. Your bags will be pretty heavy so go ahead and cut off your gym membership to save a little bit of money. But finally it grew to become more of an costly manner than a cost-slicing method.

In addition to choosing the type of shredder, you must also look into the cutting style that the shredder is designed. The Formax FD 8500HS is a powerful shredder that offers users the highest level of document shredding security available on the market, meeting National Security Agency/Central Security Service specifications for the destruction of highly confidential or top secret documents. The most effective and safe way you can dispose of paperwork is to shred it, this is done by a machine known as a Paper Shredder. Plus, GBC is one of the easiest companies to deal with if you have any problems. Cross-cut shredders don't generally have terrific shredding capacities.

It a 40 pound shredder that will do 15 sheets at one time, as its name implies, for a total of up to 1500 per day. However, it does come with a two-year warranty just in case anything happens. Falling within that range is the Royal HT500X paper shredder. New businesses will sometimes buy all of these products at once. However, cross-cut shredders are more expensive and tend to be slower than strip cut shredding machines.

They are built to last and are warranted for 25 years. The shredding capacity is excellent and will enable you to dispose of your paper documents quickly. There is also a manual function that you can use when shredding materials such as film that are too small to be detected by the sensor. These durable and heavy-duty shredders will render the disks unusable by slicing them into pieces. The P48-C has cutters that are durable enough to shred up to 8 sheets of paper at once, even if the pages are stapled together.

We are always available to answer more specific questions that you might have, so dont hesitate to give us a call. The machine has a 53-gallon waste bin so you can store a lot of detritus. This shredder can only accommodate up to five sheets at a time. As always, remember that the manufacturer stated specs do not always match up to the real-world performance that you get from the machine so keep this in mind when deciding on what to buy. Indeed, the 20453 is a very impressive machine that has a 4-HP motor for maximum shredding power.

Whatever the case, every box, bin and shredder in your facility should be included in your plan. This shredder can only accommodate up to five sheets at a time.
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