How many different kinds of Cutting Tools There Are

The act of cutting things is a daily occurrence in many professions, as well as throughout the household. Whether using hand tools or specialty cutting tools, there are many different types available for even the most heavy-duty tasks. It is important for consumers to familiarize themselves with the many different types of cutting tools so that they can always select the right tool to simplify the task.

Hacksaws are well-known tools that are in many toolboxes. Hacksaws are hand tools that are used for manually cutting through wood, plastic, or even metal. Hacksaws are easy to use and are great for smaller cutting tasks. Electric saws with interchangeable blades are also available for those who wish to have more power and less manual work. For cutting holes, drill bits that are used with electric drills can cut holes both large and small. For those who work with metal, reamers (available as a hand tool or electric) cut holes with exact measurement in even the toughest metals.

Taps and dies are used for creating threaded holes, or screw holes. These threaded holes allow screws to be inserted and hold into place securely. Stud removers are used for removing studs (screws without a head) quickly and easily. Extractors work in a similar way, allowing a person to remove a broker or stripped screw, with many sizes to select from to accommodate many different screw sizes.

Deburring tools are for smoothing out metal edges. Nutcrackers are used for splitting metal nuts for removal. Tube and pipe cutters make cutting pipes precisely a quick and easy process. Finally, to keep cutting tools working like new, tool sharpeners and drill bit sharpeners are used to grind the surface of dull tools, keeping them sharp and able to be used for many years.

Whether cutting through metal, drilling a hole in a granite countertop, or removing studs from a wall during a home renovation, the wide range of cutting tools available on the market can be purchased to help even an amateur perform the job correctly with professional results. Whether cutting for a living or just from time to time, becoming familiar with the family of cutting tools and adding them to a toolbox is a great idea to complete even the most difficult jobs with ease.

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