How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Mortgage loans are designed so that anyone can own a home. The common 30 year payoff is intimidating to most people. There are those that have figured out how to pay the mortgage off faster and shed 5,10 and even 15 years off the life of the loan.

Most people do not realize how easy it is to pay a mortgage off faster than the bank states. The first rule should be to have the best possible interest rate. If your credit score is better now than when you obtained the loan refinancing might be in order. The lower the interest rate the easier to pay the loan off quicker and you also save thousands in interest payments.

There is one way to pay your mortgage off early and feel none of the affects to your budget. You can pay your mortgage loan bi-weekly instead of monthly and receive the benefits of having two extra payments being made that go directly to the principle of the loan each year. This is the easiest method to reducing the life of your mortgage loan as it requires no changes in your lifestyle or budget.

The method of coming up with a lump sum each year to place on the loans principle is harder to do for most people. You can find out from your lender what penalties they have for early pay off and make sure if they do penalize that you stay under the limits to avoid them. You can usually pay a lump payment of 15% of the loan at the end of the year after making your regular monthly payments and notice a tremendous difference in the life of the loan.

For the average person coming up with 15% of the loan amount each year is impossible. To be able to still reap the benefits of over payments and not kill yourself coming up with the money you can pay an additional amount with each months payment. The amount you decide on is up to you and what you can afford as well as the lenders penalization limits.

If you are looking for a way to truly reduce the size of the loan and want to see more results than just a mere five years drop off you can combine methods. If you choose the bi-weekly payments then include an additional payment with each. A small amount will show you results so you do not have to go overboard here. The larger the amount the sooner the payoff obviously but even with a modest amount you will see a ten year difference in the lifetime of the loan. If you are lucky enough to have a lender who does not penalize for over payment then you can easily reduce your loan by 15 years or more with over payments. The weeks you have more you can send more and when you don?t have much just send a few dollars over.

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