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Lights and Miniatures: The Awe Factor

If you have completed a kit, furnished it, and are looking for another adventure then try lighting. Adding Lights removes your miniature set from being just another toy to a display item that will sit no longer in the toy box, but on the living room mantel. It is really a lot of fun to light your dollhouse and at the same time a challenge to learn new things. In all reality, would we enjoy it if it wasn’t a challenge? Lighting is as simple as a wire connection and a on/off switch. And to add upon that there are great step by step instructions that come with most kits to help you along the way. Sure you are going to make mistakes, but you will learn and it will get easier for you. The best way to start is small, so get a small kit and begin. Remember whether you think you can or whether you think you can't you are right.

Floor Trim for your Dollhouse

If you are a true crafter you are constantly tweaking your creations. In my last dollhouse building adventure I came across something that I know helped out my interior look tremendously. I simply created a floor board to use for the trim around the floor of the dollhouse. Floor Trim is not a new creation, but what I found is instead of buying it, to use a very thin balsa wood found in most craft stores. I applied this balsa wood to the floor of each of my walls to form a great outline along the bottom. What I found is that they covered up the tiny bumps between the walls and the flooring. The wallpaper walls were also trimmed and I was really happy to see that it prevented fraying due to covering the edges. This discovery truly was a small one, but I believe that it really added to my dollhouse.

Matching Colors: A Science that is Well Developed to Help

Color will be the over ruling design medium for your dollhouse furniture and design choices. Now you don’t have to be a professional artist to understand color, the basic level of matching colors begins with the color wheel. The basis of the wheel is that some colors are similar to one another, and others have contrast. Opposing colors are the most different and offer attractiveness to the eye called – contrast, colors touching each other are the most similar and can be accent colors that heighten, but don’t distract from the feel. When starting your designing pick up a color wheel for your color selections, a little knowledge about color coordination will go a long way to help your design and flow capabilities.

Life Touches: Dollhouse Accessories

This hobby is about the little details. From living room lamps to kitchen coffee mugs, these are the small details found in the accessories category. Using them for your interior design can really spruce up your house. But not only will it add that creative touch, it makes it look more realistic. In reality sky is the limit in dollhouse accessories; you can even start making your own

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