Inventors move their ideas to market with AGDE Invention Development Company

Turning a great idea into a functioning, patented product is a lengthy process that often stymies even the most brilliant inventors. This leaves many potentially lucrative designs stuck in the concept stage of development. Advance Graphics Design and Engineering (AGDE) is an invention development company that applies its expertise to developing and patenting new products, relieving inventors of the costly and time-consuming process of building multiple prototypes and completing the often-confusing legal requirements necessary to obtain a patent.

Graphic design engineering

AGDE’s cutting- edge 3D computer modeling capabilities allow designers to see their ideas come to life with virtual models, saving the tooling expense of creating multiple prototypes. Clients are able to visualize and test functionality of their designs using animated models of fully or partially assembled products. These models demonstrate actual movements of the product’s parts and sub-assemblies and allow designers to fine tune designs. This ensures that the product is aesthetically and functionally ready for production. Additionally, AGDE’s computer modeling is capable of producing models from forensic evidence, enabling accurate reconstructions for use in criminal investigations, prosecutions and defenses.

Product testing

Through the stereo-lithographic process, AGDE can actually "Print” a working prototype from the 3D computer model. This technology is an extension of the graphic design engineering process that has changed the way products are developed. This rapid prototyping creates a sample of the product using an epoxy photopolymer as the printing medium. This process creates plastic models of the product that may be tested, saving the designer the cost of tooling for an item that may need further adjustments before full production.

The patenting process

Applying for a patent is a multi-stepped process that can drag on for years. Inventors must conduct a search to ensure their design has not already be patented, determine what type of patent is most appropriate for their design, and they must submit detailed drawings and descriptions with the patent application. AGDE maintains a staff of patent researchers and processors to assist clients with patent and trademark searches, design and utility patent applications and trademark and copyright applications. Their graphic design engineering focuses on creating patentable, unique designs that can be presented to the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) ahead of engineering, protecting the inventor’s intellectual property.

Inventors unsure how to proceed with a design concept will find the support they need with this invention development company. The AGDE website offers dozens of samples of their computer modeling work. Their clients range from medical device designers to creators of household goods and sporting equipment. Items as simple as an automobile cup holder, as well as more complex electronics, began as virtual designs using AGDE’s graphic design engineering.

AGDE’s focus on helping designers develop and patent marketable products in a cost-effective manner saves the designer time and expense, and makes the possibility of actually bringing a concept to market a reality.

Advanced Graphics and Design Engineering (AGDE) is an invention development company that assists clients in materializing brilliant and innovative ideas. Our core business is cutting-edge computer modeling and design engineering technology for product development and invention development. Our brand of product design service revolves around constructing realistic visual models and bringing into existence remarkable products worthy of patents.

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