Jet Skis and Boat Charters on the Solent

As the weather starts warming up, people of all ages begin heading to the water for fun activities that will keep them cool and allow them to enjoy the summer sun. Some of the most fun you can have on the water are on Jet Skis, boats and speedboats. At Solent Jet Skis & Ribs we offer a variety of guided water tours as well as training programs to get you started in safety as you head out to enjoy a fun day on the English Solent.

If you’ve never Jet Skied before, a great way to get started is to take advantage of one of our taster tours. These three hour sessions are some of our most popular attractions for people new to the sport and fun of Jet Skiing. Our professional RYA instructors and guides will take individuals or groups out on the open water to get familiar with safely handling the jet skis while enjoying the scenic beauty of the open water. At speeds of up to 40 mph, these powerful machines can be exciting fun for all. If you would like to make a day of it, we also offer a full day event we call our Solvent Safari. On the safari, groups or individuals have the opportunity to explore more fully some of the famous sights of the Solent while safely guided by an RYA instructor.

At Solent Jet Skis & Ribs we also offer Southampton RYA training courses. Based at our Southampton marina, these training programs cover RYA power boat, Jet Ski and motor cruising courses. We design them to appeal to everyone from novices to experienced cruisers who want to make improvements and become more skilled. We have a variety of courses that range from beginner level to intermediate training, and even offer classes that cover topics such as first aid, navigation, and licensing preparation. Our school focuses on providing a comprehensive program that will appeal to boaters of all levels of interest on a year-round basis.

In addition to Jet Skis and boats, we also specialize in Rib charters on the Solent. We own several Rib speedboats that we offer for full day guided charters that are helmed by one of our expert skippers. Since the boats are fast, these charters allow groups of up to 40 to head out for a full day on the English south coast while covering a lot of ground. We make several stops along the way to experience some of the best local spots on the coast.

Our goal at Solent Jet Skis & Ribs is to aide individuals and groups in exploring and delighting in all that the Solent has to offer. Through our courses and tours on Jet Skis, boats and Ribs we hope to guide you safely while you are out enjoying your time on the water. Let us help you experience the beauty of the south coast with confidence.

Solent boat training, jet ski & rib hire offer high speed days on the English Solent for small and large groups with an instructor on hand to assist you throughout your day on the water.

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