Legal Representation that Makes a Difference

Accidents are not supposed to happen, but a moment of inattention or carelessness can start a chain of events that is hard to control. Most accidents happen when someone does something wrong or fails to do something right. Victims injured by improper actions require legal representation to recover compensation. No one expects to get hit by an intoxicated driver, but when it happens, an Atlanta DUI attorney can help victims get a fair settlement.

Odds against You

The Century Council produced statistics for 2011 showing that the total arrests for driving under the influence in Georgia was more than 31,000. Enforcement authorities cannot catch everyone who breaks the law, making it likely that many more impaired drivers are on the road. You suffer the consequences of the carelessness of others that can change the quality of your life unless you recover compensation. The T. Madden and Associates law firm has the legal knowledge and the negotiating skills to effectively represent you.

Long Term Consequences

Recovering from an accident with an intoxicated driver can take more time that you may imagine. The costs of continuing medical treatment, therapy, lost wages and permanent injuries create a significant drain on your finances. An Atlanta DUI attorney at T. Madden and Associates can help you get the compensation to cover your losses now and in the future. The welfare of your family depends on the decision you make to obtain aggressive legal representation.

A Violation of Trust

Your doctor has your complete confidence when you seek diagnosis or treatment for a serious medical problem until you find that it is not deserved. Many people find that doctors make mistakes, but it does not help you to know that others experience the violation of trust that has changed your life. What can help, however, is a medical malpractice lawyer Atlanta.

The New York Times reported in late 2010 that about 18 percent of hospital patients are damaged by medical care. A review of the circumstances revealed that almost two-thirds of the injuries were preventable. Not all doctors are A students, but you have a right to expect that your doctor is competent and capable of providing the services that you need.

Victims of negligence or careless mistakes that cause harm need a way to get compensated for injuries and loss. Forbes Magazine reported in early May of 2013 that medical negligence ranks behind cancer and heart disease as a leading cause of death in the United States. More than $3 billion was paid to settle medical malpractice suits last year at the rate of more than one every hour.

Incompetence Can Hurt You

A mistake on the operating table, a missed diagnosis or an incorrect prescription causes harm to patients every day. Instead of suffering in silence, you can find excellent legal representation with a medical malpractice attorney Atlanta. Recovering millions for his clients in twelve years of effective representation, Attorney Terance Madden makes a difference in the lives of innocent victims who are harmed by the carelessness and negligence of others. Let him help you get the compensation that you deserve.

When a DUI related collision occurs, maximize the recovery by retaining the services of your T. Madden & Associates Atlanta Attorney. Don’t attempt to fight the insurance companies by yourself. You don't have to look anywhere else for attorneys that will fight for your rights and your money.

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