Man’s Best Friend Deserves the Most Humane of Training

Puppy and dog training classes, regardless of what is often reported about them, are all not alike. There exists absolutely no reason why these most loyal and loving of pets should be treated in any fashion short of humanely, safely and with accompaniments of unconditional love. The unfortunate reality? All too many times canine owners share horror stories of incomprehensible conditions at training facilities, or a complete lack of experience and genuine caring exhibited by the staff.

We’re here to Change ALL That.

We are K9Korral, Florida’s leading canine obedience training center serving the Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton communities. As an "institute of canine behavior,” we pride ourselves on offering not only dog obedience training in an overtly humane, effective capacity but also holistic supplies for the absolute healthiest of products for our clients’ beloved companions. From dog training classes to doggy day care, boarding and unique health/wellness programs such as Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Acumpressure and beyond, K9Korral represents much more than your average pet shop. Veterinarian-approved puppy training classes and dog training classes are just the beginning of the K9Korral experience…an experience that guarantees a much closer relationship between you and your best friend.

Through classes at our institute, you can be sure your pet will be well-behaved, walk nicely on his or her leash and respond to commands – in addition to welcoming visitors to your home and making the daily walk a pleasurable pastime for the both you. Further, the specters of loneliness and mischief that haunt all of us dedicated animal lovers when we leave our four-legged friends behind to deal with the everyday burdens of a career or grocery shopping are erased through our boarding services. Secure, reliable and absolutely influenced by the most humane of approaches, the K9Korral boarding experience is second to none.

Often referred to as "Sarasota’s best puppy and dog classes,” K9Korral’s training protocols take a one-stop-shop approach, offering comprehensive services and products that are limited only by your imagination – from basic manner training to advanced skills such as agility and rally obedience, the landscape is virtually infinite at K9Korral. Bringing home a new puppy for the very first time? This can be beyond a challenge for an owner not used to what awaits. But at K9Korral’s Puppy Kindergarten, basic manner and obedience skills are taught at a crucial stage of the lovable pup’s developmental stage, allowing for graduation to the AKC-approved S.T.A.R. Puppy Course. From there, obedience is taught and strengthened in incremental plateaus, from Obedience 101 and going through Obedience 103. We even offer private lessons as well as "drop and train” programs for those pet owners devoted to loving and teaching his or her four-legged pal, but simply without the time required to do it. We understand this scenario very well, and present these programs and services to assist the owner with the training process.

This summary merely scratches the proverbial surface of what awaits the canine lover at K9Korral.

K9 Korral Voted Best Training Center & Trainers 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. K9 Korral Dog Training & Supply Center offers a full range of Dog Training Classes as well as Doggy Day Care and Dog Boarding. Dog Training Classes

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