The 7 Best Burning Fat Foods To Stock Up On For Maximum Fat

You can lose fat faster and easier than with eating other foods, by just sticking to these top seven fat burning foods. They are the kind of foods you would want to include in your diet at almost every meal.

I have done the research for you so that you don't have to search for the best foods that will help you burn fat. No more long hours spending and wondering about what the perfect fat burning foods are - here they are for you to include and enjoy

And now I will present to you the best of the best fat burning foods that will help you to lose fat faster and easier than the other foods.
Here's the 7 best burning fat foods, include them today in your diet

1. Fat free dairy products - Fat free dairy is full of calcium that helps to speed up weight loss. You better stock up on lots of fat free dairy, as fat loss and weight loss goes hand in hand.

2. Lean protein - Lean protein is another super fat burning food. It is full of high quality protein that helps to build muscle mass that in return speed up your metabolism and help you to burn more fat.

3. Healthy carbs - Healthy carbs includes whole-grain/wheat products (like bread and couscous), baby and sweet potatoes, brown rice and corn on the cob. Try to stick to healthy carbs and avoid the refined ones.

4. Healthy fats - Healthy fats, like avos,nuts and olives, helps to keep you fuller for longer and it also helps you to feel full - helping you to eat less and thus burn away more fat. Don't avoid healthy fats, just limit the amount that you have in a day to no more than 4 servings.

5. Cinnamon - Cinnamon is a wonder burning fat foods. It helps you to control your cravings, so that you will cheat less. Sprinkle it over most of your foods for best results.

6. Green tea - Green tea helps to speed up fat loss and it may also helps you to store less fat (according to recent surveys. It is a good habit to start your day with a cup of green tea.

7. Chillies - Chillies not only help you to eat less, but it also speeds up the metabolism. If you are a bit sensitive to the heat of chillies, start with the milder chili like the Jalapeno chili.

Include these foods in your diet on a regular basis (just stick to the right portion sizes) and you will lose some weight and fat.

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