The Two Way Radio – A Radio System That Everyone Prefer

In the present generation, the Two Way Radio is a popular mean of transmitting and receiving the signal, data, and other supplementary services on a single frequency channel. Most of the wireless systems like Tetra, DMR radio, etc. meet the definition of 2 way radio. The Two Way Radio system is available in mobile, stationary base, and also in a handheld portable standard like Walkie Talkies. It is accoutred with “Push To Talk” button which on pressing activate the transmitter and allows a user to start conversation. The big advantage of Two Way Radio is its portable size. It is easy to carry around and can be easily clipped in belts or shoulder lapels of a shirt. The Digital Two Way Radios offer crystal clear voice quality and preserved the voice quality for greater distance by using Narrowband Codecs technology.

Benefits of Using 2 Way Radio are elucidated below:

In the Police service: The Two Way Police communication systems are extensively used by the police force of all the countries. The police personnel who are on patrolling may need an extra help to catch the thieves. It is among the few best Trunking Systems, thus they can easily relay the message to all the police control units in the area and can get the backup force. It also plays a major role during the time of emergencies.

Prompt communication: The Two Way Radio provides prompt communication. All that the user wants to do is just to click “Push To Talk” button and he can start a conversation immediately. This is because of the technology called Quick Call Set-Up Time that is laden in such systems. This is one of the primal reasons why many commercial organizations introduced the Two Way system for the communication purposes.

“Group Call” facility: One of the best features of Two Way system is its “Group Call” facility. The “Group Call” facility allows the user to communicate with more than thousands of users using the Two Way Radios. It allows the users to convey the message to more than one user at the same time instead of repeating the same message over again and again. Moreover, it allows to conduct group communication for all the users residing in a same area and that too at the same radio frequency channel.

In the Defence service: The Two Way communication system plays a very important role during the military operations. With the use of repeaters along with other equipments of a 2 way radio, the Army personnel can communicate or share the secret information of the enemy whereabouts, and thus can make the strategy to have a successful strike at the enemy's end.

In the Aviation service: The pilots frequently need to get information about the weather and air traffic when the plane is in flight or during the time of takeoff and landing. Such information can be relayed to pilot by using the walkie talkies. It is also used to communicate between the pilot and ground based staff to park a plane at the gate.

The above mentioned advantages prove that the Two Way Radio is extensively preferred and used in the residential, government, and commercial sectors.

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