Top three Vent-Axia ventilation fans

Good ventilation is not just for convenience or comfort; it is absolutely essential for any building or home. Poor ventilation not only creates a very unpleasant environment, there's also the possibility of a health hazard developing, as mold spores take root and begin to proliferate. Ventilation fans are an excellent means of keeping fresh air circulating through the rooms and hallways of any structure. Vent-Axia is a leader in the manufacture of highly reliable ventilation fans and its products are the best proof of that.
Bathrooms are notorious for breeding mildew and black mold. It's important to keep this space dry with proper ventilation. The Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Silhouette 125 fits the bill nicely with a performance of 45 l/s (litres per second) and this model is easy on the energy bills, consuming no more than seven watts. People are easily annoyed by loud fans, but the Lo-Carbon Silhouette 125 has a "white sound" feature in its configuration to keep the noise down to a quiet, efficient whisper.
Ventilation in industrial areas is a serious safety precaution. Fumes that may contain carbon monoxide or other dangerous pollutants are regularly produced in the course of manufacturing. A powerful ventilation fan is required to keep the shop floor atmosphere safe, but too often these fans are enormous frames of metal that take up considerable space. Vent-Axia appreciates that a busy area needs a good ventilation fan that does the job without taking up too much room. The Vent-Axia Access Pac In-Line fans-PAC provides exactly what is needed. It is considerably smaller than the ordinary in- line fan and at the same time delivers the strong air circulation needed. Best of all, the design of this model allows it to be suspended in a plane of the work area.
Vent-Axia prides itself on the commercial ventilation products it provides to the market. Indeed, commercial ventilation has been a standard quality of the company, and the Vent-Axia HR500DP Passive Heat Exchange Unit reflects this commitment. This is a heat exchange unit that will transfer as much as 70 per cent of all outgoing heat to the incoming air. At the same time, the efficiency of this model ensures that a room needing cooler temperatures is going to get exactly that. It is easy to install and probably best of all, the HR500DP Passive Heat Exchange Unit is very easy to maintain and keep clean.
Its commitment to quality products and world-class customer service are some of the reasons why Vent-Axia was awarded a Royal warrant in 1985 to supply equipment to Royal households. An important feature of all of the Vent-Axia products in particular the ones just mentioned is sound control. Vent-Axia understands that near silence is golden to the ears. Vent-Axia ventilation fans are as busy as a beaver and yet quiet as a mouse when performing. This means that quiet efficiency is part of the air ventilation provided, whether it is on a busy factory floor or in the household bathroom. They're just the thing to see to it that air moves freely throughout any commercial or domestic space.

Established around 75 years ago, Vent-Axia is a British company responsible for manufacturing high-quality ventilation fans. This article takes and examines three of the company's best offerings.

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