Using Herbal Male Sexual Enhancement Pills

The survey about herbal male sexual enhancement pills

We conducted a mini-survey in order to know what is the behavior of men, their opinion and their female partner opinion regarding the so-called "virility pills" or herbal male sexual enhancement pills.
There are many doubts about this question because we expected that men by nature have a tendency not to admit to using anything that would make them  "enough" (or more) potent.


We expect that men will not admit that something "is wrong" with their  sexual performance.
We were surprised that  about 56% of  male respondents actually believed that the use of virility pills is "quite cool" . Simply, the virility pills are the way to have  more pleasure in sex.
More than 50% of men did not hide virility pills from their partners. They believe that their partner must be informed about their "secret weapon". Some of them use to show the "secret weapon" in order to lift the tension and excitement in order to have better sex. Essentially this is a great verbal foreplay, also.
Interesting fact is that more than 60% of men take virility pills, although they do not have any problems with potency. They use to take pills just  for curiosity and the desire to leave a note  in woman's sexual life, as well as to try a new sexual pose or to make love on the strange place.

An interview with the women brought a new conclusions to previously noted behavior of men. Noted behavior is not strange because a large number of women would not have anything against their partners to try anything that improves sex.


Although the number of respondents interviewed is relatively small, and listed results can not be considered absolutely accurate, it is obvious trend that more and more men and women look positively to the idea that using virility pills may add spice sexual life.

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