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Quality photography Kent will capture the priceless moments of your wedding day with an added emphasis on certain extra-ordinary aspects. Professional photographer Kent uses the best of equipments to channel their creative style and provide you great images. These images are provided using several storage formats that make use of digital and print media. The use of different forms of media has always been a topic of controversy with regards to its shelf life. Certainly, every media storage device has a limited shelf life and specific advantages coupled with its usage. It is for this very reason that wedding photographers Kent use long lasting forms of media storage.

The age-old album format has been used to store photographs and pictures. However, photographers have shifted to the use of digital media as a better means to store images and videos. There are a few disadvantages coupled with the use of the traditional photo album. First, these pictures are processed and visualized on a photographic paper that has a specific PH level. In due course of time, the picture begins to degrade due to its reaction with air and the thin plastic film that holds it in place. Digital media storage devices such as DVDs and other flash storage devices offer years of storage capacity. Wedding photographers Kent shifted to this form of storage media due to its flexibility.

As wedding photographers Kent discovered the advantages of digital media storage devices, they also discovered its shortcomings. The issue with using digital media is a lack of clear standards in design and quality. As there are cheaper alternatives to digital media storage, there are expensive options that some individuals cannot afford. Then there are some formats that contain low density storage mechanisms. Using this can be disastrous and they have a limited shelf life. But the clear lack of alternatives gave rise to newer solutions that were practical and effective. These were story book albums and the use of tablets and smart TVs to view images. Unlike other media, the story book albums have a better shelf life.

A closer look at storybook albums will reveal the quality that makes them effective. That is why snapshots alone will not capture the day properly. Storybooks are similar to albums with one difference – pictures are printed directly to the surface of the book rather than inserting traditional snaps that covered a plastic film for protection. These books are made from non-degradable paper with a balanced PH level. Such mechanisms often stand the test of time and if maintained well, last for years. The wedding photographers Kent also have the opportunity and the freedom to design their own layout on this empty canvas as compared to the layouts provided in photo albums.

Storing pictures and videos using digital storage media such as tablets and smart TVs provides longer shelf life. There are several reasons for this level of effectiveness. Certain tablets and smart TVs use file formats that are specific to them and thus enhances the life of the stored media. The Photographer Kent services have made excellent use of this form of storage.

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