Why You Should Be Enjoying a Boat Charter UK

With summer here once again, people all over the UK are looking for novel outdoor activities that they can spend their holiday enjoying. If you're looking for a good day trip or perhaps an overnight excursion, why not charter a boat and spend some time on the sea? The beautiful area of Southampton and the Isle of Wight are perfect for cruising around in a fancy yacht or exploring on the back of a high speed jet-ski. Whether you are looking to kick back and relax or ride the waves in style, a boat charter is exactly what you need.

Choose Solent Boat Charters

Solent Boat Charters has one of the best and biggest fleets in Southampton. You can choose to hire a yacht, sailboat, RIB, powerboat, fishing boat, or jet-ski- whatever vessel you think would be most enjoyable, Solent has it. In addition, they also have RYA powerboat level 2 courses for you to learn how to master a boat yourself. There are various advantages associated with each boat type in the Solent fleet, and so the only decision that you have to make is choosing the one that is right for you. The prices are affordable and the skippers are top-notch, so consider a boat charter UK today!

Have a Party at Sea on Board a 46ft Yacht

The Moonlight is one of Solent's prized ships- it can comfortably fit twelve people on board and is available for a day cruise or even a 2 day and 2 night stay for a romantic getaway. With eleven of your closest friends on board, you can get the ship for 999 pounds- that's only 83.25 a piece! This price includes an expert crew and all the fuel you need, plus the skipper has an intimate knowledge of the area and can show you all of the best spots that you wouldn't be able to find on your own!

Have an Adventure on the Water with a RIB or Jet-ski

If you've done enough relaxing this year and are looking for some excitement, you may be more interested in Solent's selection of rigid inflatable boats and personal watercraft. These lightweight, high speed vessels are perfect for a day of fun, and you can explore the area at your own pace, launching over waves and holding on for dear life or simply cruising along at your own speed. Either way, both the RIB and the jet-ski are watercraft designed for maximum fun.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course

Solent offers services other than just boat charters and hires. You can take a RYA powerboat level 2 courses here, which allows you to apply for your international powerboat license upon completion. With expert trainers, you should fly through the course and be ready to submit that application in no time. The course runs all year round and lasts for 2 days- the best part is that Solent provides free accommodation aboard one of their luxury yachts for the duration of the 249 pound course.

RYA training courses run by the "Solent Boat Training" who are part of our Southsea Ventures group of companies are available at Ocean Village marina in Southampton. We can offer RYA training courses from the popular introductory RYA powerboat level 2 through to the full yachtmaster course.

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